Herbal Consultations



What we do

We value the abilities plants have to balance the human body, and are here to help broker their usefulness in your life. As herbalists we offer personal health assessment consultations in an effort to provide herbal products to bring balance and wholeness to your life through the traditional uses of plant medicine. 

We take a holistic approach to your well-being, and utilize the fundamentals of vitalist herbalism in formulating your wellness protocol. This practice is based on matching plant energetics to human constitutions and treating imbalances of underlying tissue states.

Due to the bio-organic relationship between plants and humans whole plant medicine is uniquely suited for humans with little to no side effects. These are age old traditions of organic healing proven in their actions to balance the human body.  An herbal approach to wholeness requires a commitment of time and dosing consistency on your part.  Herbs can be utilized in many ways; as foods, teas, capsules, tinctures, syrups, salves and more. 

How it works

For a fee of $300 we begin the service of holistic assessment via live, live video and/or telephone/text interviews. We call this the intake process, wherein we take note of your emotional, physical and mental components and history in an effort to achieve a complete 'picture' of body balance (or imbalance). Thereafter we begin the formulation process. This involves creating herbal formulas and/or dietary protocols to assist your journey towards wholeness. We take these assessments very seriously, with loving intention towards positive improvement of your whole body balance. Balance is achieved by reversing elemental imbalances to enable a fully functioning state of holistic ebb and flow of body systems. 

Once the herbal formulations are finalized we make the necessary herbal products you'll utilize on your wellness journey.  These products are designed with your ease of use in mind.  They are an additional charge in your treatment protocol and typically approximate between a value range of $50 - $125, to be determined, and includes shipping. You can expect the entire assessment and formulation process to require anywhere from 7 - 14 days. Returning clients receive a 10% discount on all costs of service and/or products.

What to expect

Plant medicine is amazing in its capacity to alter imbalance and bring about well-being.  It does require faith in its abilities and consistency in application.  Your wellness will depend on your commitment to its value in your life. This type of wellness protocol may require some herbal preparation (such as tea), multiple daily dosing (chronic conditions 3-4x/day, acute every hour), and additional lifestyle and/or dietary changes.  It is not as easy as popping a pill daily, but it is much safer, and divinely designed for compatibility with our body systems. There is every likelihood that your overall health and happiness will improve.

Our door is always open! Use our contact form or find us on FB and IG @ SunRae Herbals, email to sunraeherbals@gmail.com, or text/call to 443-623-0524