Herbal Gardens

OreganoEchinacea purpurea

As seasoned horticulturists we LOVE to promote herbal gardening!  Our ideal approach is to customize the planting to meet your families needs. We design with you in mind, and are happy to assist you in achieving the small garden of your dreams. Your herb garden can easily be a yoga space, an aromatherapy garden, a culinary source and a medicine cabinet all-in-one. 

Although herbs are simple in their abundance and natural ability to provide body balance, they are also complex, with energetic properties unique to each genus and species, and unique to each person. Personal constitutions play a major role in determining which herbs to utilize for the individual, and this is what we are referring to when we say plant according to your needs

At Sun.Rae HERBALS the gardening process begins with a personal assessment of each member of your household.  This assessment guides us to the plants that can provide the most help in bringing balance and wellness to each individual of your family, pets included. 

We then assess your planting space and lifestyle. This approach enables us to utilize your planting areas with a design schematic most suitable to your home life and hobbies.

Sun.Rae HERBALS provides you with either a professional hand drawn design or a 3-D image.  The design presentation is an exciting stage, as you begin to 'get a feel' for your new garden space.  Upon approval of the plant list and layout the installation begins. 

We source only high quality professional growers for your herbal plant stock, and condition the planting spaces with organic soil mixes and nutrients necessary to ensure your herbs will establish themselves in a natural and fertile environment. Your plants will be delivered and installed in a professional manner and in accordance with the standards set forth by the Associated Landscape Contractors of America.

Upon completion of your planting we will educate you in garden maintenance and harvesting. We can simply show you how, or we can tailor a maintenance service plan suitable to your needs. Sun.Rae HERBALS offers garden maintenance, harvesting, DIY recipes and sourcing, and herbal education. It is our goal to assist in the longevity and vitality of you, your family and your new garden

At Sun.Rae HERBALS your garden investment is an investment in well-being for the entire household!

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