Nature Is Where Our Healing Lies

Bio Organic Lifestyles

Look outdoors for the solutions you seek.  Nature provides us with examples, lessons, opportunities and remedies.  The flora and fauna are perfectly suited to aid our bodies and minds emotionally and physically.  Well being is all around us. 

Sun.Rae HERBALS promotes and produces herbal medicine and botanical body care products. We are proponents of natural healing through the understanding and use of plants and their medicinal properties. We are leading you to wellness with the Earth as our muse.

At Sun.Rae HERBALS we tend the plants and people responsibly. We recognize that healing is a personal journey of the mind, body and spirit. SRH blends are formulated based on traditional uses of plant energetics and actions, specifically utilizing the study of vitalist herbalism. These product blends are designed to benefit our bodies and minds naturally and effectively, as we are divinely coded to be enriched by nature.

We are wild foragers! We utilize sustainable certified organic and fresh wild-foraged herb sources, and package in eco friendly materials. We grow nature based connections to stem generations to come. You'll find no fillers, caffeine, artificial ingredients, or bad intentions in our botanical offerings.

Find us on the road with PROVIDER OUTDOORS in our mobile rolling-apothecary, always healing, always harvesting, always making, always with the plants!

In love and light,


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