Nature Is Where Our Healing Lies

Our Mission

"Nature is where our true healing lies"....

Sun.Rae HERBALS is committed to your well being.  We are a homegrown, grassroots family business rearing a next generation of plant lovers.  Herbalists with a career background in horticulture, formulating and making our proprietary blends in Arizona’s Sonoran desert, USA. Our objective is to promote healthy, happy lifestyles and wellness through the use and understanding of plants and their symbiotic relationship with the human body.

The Earth is perfectly suited for humans, its flora and fauna designed specifically to assist our health and longevity.  Sun.Rae HERBALS is on a mission to reconnect people with nature, where humans belong, and to assist you in bringing balance to your body, mind and soul. A community health plan of sorts.  We hope to remind you of the lessons available in our relationships with the land and her creatures.

Sun.Rae HERBALS provides education regarding the identification and medicinal values of plants, DIY formulating and making, individual wellness programs to assist body balance, herbal products for wholeness, and small garden installations to promote the values and use of fresh herbs in the home and landscape.

We hope to have the opportunity to touch your life in a positive, helpful manner, and encourage you to embrace nature in all of its forms and to be inspired towards a quiet mind and open heart. Welcome to Sun.Rae HERBALS...mountain to sea remedies.