Nature Is Where Our Healing Lies

Native Plant Hikes

Explore the bio-regions of our great states. Learn to identify medicinal and edible plants in their native habitat, and how to utilize their seasonal bounty for your well-being.

~Join us in the wild places and become immersed in plant magic as we hike into the wilderness and hone our intimate relationship with the land. We offer custom excursions, out and back or loops depending on location. 

~We cater to seasonal wildcrafting and making trail medicine, so come prepared if your desire is to delve deeper into practical uses of native edibles and medicinals. This is in the bush learning for those who seek to get on and off trail for a broader knowledge of our co-existence with north American flora and fauna.

~Trail topics will be fundamentally based on the discussion of herbalism aka plant medicine.  Some as food and some prepared alternately for healing purposes. You will learn principals of Vitalist Herbalism specifically understanding when to use what plant and why/how. Our goal is to teach you to DIY your own healing and well-being from the land confidently.

~These hikes generally require good mobility, agility and stamina but can be tailored for anyone. We can literally teach you native plant medicine just about anywhere. These hikes are for those ready to conquer a trail and wanting to get all they can from the experience, for do it your-selfers and survivalists, plant junkies, and those looking to improve upon their use and understanding of natures bounty, where our true healing lies. 

~Things to bring; WATER, walking stick, gloves, boots/hiking shoes, snacks. For sunset hikes we suggest a flashlight and covering depending on temps.  Herb bag/pack, pruners, hat, sunglasses, camera/phone.

To PURCHASE a HIKE call or text to 443-623-0524 for real time scheduling and payment. 

~Until then, Dee @ Sun.Rae Herbals LLC