Nature Is Where Our Healing Lies


A Testimonial to the Benefits of Herbal Health Care


Years ago I was going through a major life transition.  The stress of the circumstances seemed tolerable but they wreaked havoc on my system. I'd always felt myself to be indestructible so the symptoms I was experiencing created an overwhelming fear within me.  With no health care plan and a great desire to rectify the situation I turned to natural remedies.

At first I was simply searching for a cure. But the more I delved into the power of plants the more captivated I became. As a landscape designer and novice botanist my love for plants was longstanding, but suddenly their great value was being revealed. And so began a self immersion into the study of medicinal plant properties and applications. 

In herbalism we utilize whole plant medicine. This simply refers to whole aerial or root portions as opposed to isolated compounds of the plant which are found in many pharmaceutical controls.  The beauty of whole plant medicine is the natural balance of compounds found within.  The composition of medicinal and nutritive plants are perfectly compatible with the human body, making herbalism a SAFE source for medicine with little to NO side effects, unlike pharmaceuticals.  This is one example of what we refer to as bio-organic lifestyles, utilizing the natural environment to tend our natural bodies. 

Choosing to utilize herbal remedies is a leap of faith.  Understanding that many of the medicinal controls we receive from the medical industry are genetically modified and isolated compounds may help you to understand why there are so many adverse side effects to modern day pharmaceuticals.  Eliminating the whole plant bio organic composition leads to imbalance aka side effects. 

Since the plants really do remedy, using pharmaceuticals as well as herbs can be contradicting.  Simply put, taking high blood pressure meds and using herbs to lower blood pressure will most likely lead to blood pressure that's too low.  This is what I mean by a 'leap of faith'.  Once you realize that plants do work to balance the body, you will be faced with the decision to use one or the other. 

As an advocate of bio-organic lifestyles I encourage you to consider utilizing natural plants for your whole body balance.  Plant medicine is waiting to assist us and growing wild as God intended, free for all. A community health plan of sorts. With hopes of helping you to consider converting your medicinal protocol here is a testimonial from one of Sun.Rae HERBALS cherished clients;

"I went from being 'healthy' to having a heart attack in my early 50's.  Talk about scary.  All of a sudden I was medicating with high blood pressure and cholesterol meds.  Truthfully, after the scare of the heart attack I was afraid to live without the pharmaceutical medicines.  Every day for over 5 years I medicated myself with pills.  I couldn't eat grapefruit but it seemed like a small price to pay.  I thought I'd be on those pills for the rest of my life.  And then I lost my job and my health care plan went with it.  So I started cutting my pills in half to make them last.  I knew I wouldn't be able to afford refilling the prescription so I turned to Sun.Rae HERBALS for a remedy.  Dee created an herbal tincture for me and I started taking it twice a day, but still taking my half prescription, too.  I bottomed out.  My blood pressure dropped too low just like Dee warned me would happen. That was when I knew the herbs really worked.  I was faced with a decision, either herbs or pharmaceuticals.  Since I was at the end of my RX anyway I threw them in the trash.  I began maintaining my blood pressure and cholesterol with herbs.  As a safety measure I monitored my BP daily.  Using the herbal tincture my blood pressure stabilized at a perfect 120/80 and my cholesterol levels were healthy, too.  Since then I have become a firm believer in herbal medicine."   - LH


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