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Chamomile: The GREAT Soothing Anti-Inflammatory Herb

What we can do with Chamomile.
Most of us can find chamomile tea in the cupboard. This herb is a wonderful children’s herb and a veritable healing marvel. Chamomile is a nervine herb, which means it builds and tones the nervous system. It is one of the BEST herbs for colicky babies.

Chamomile is a powerful anti-inflammatory. It literally ‘takes the edge off’ emotionally and physically. It promotes digestion and reduces gas, soothes sore, achy muscles, relaxes a spastic colon, hyperactivity and eliminates insomnia. Chamomile relieves heartburn, pain in headaches, migraines, flu, arthritis and gout. It is used in fighting infections and fevers especially associated with sore throats, tonsillitis, colds and flu. Chamomile is a bronchodilator and helpful with asthma and respiratory aid. It enhances immunity and is active against bacteria, fungal infection and as an antihistamine. This herb also soothes skin related trauma and heals ulcers, burns, and wounds. It soothes the urinary tract and is SUPER at eliminating menstrual discomfort. Chamomile is safe for children and pregnant mothers, and eases nausea during pregnancy and contractions during labor. This herb is an excellent eye wash for conjunctivitis and anything eye related.

I urge you to not overlook the healing values of Chamomile. You may be surprised at its ability to relieve and relax. This pleasant tasting herb can be utilized as a tea, tincture, Salve or syrup. You will find the effects of Chamomile to be almost instant. So shop for a good quality of Chamomile and have it on hand for your families healthy, natural healing protocol.

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