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Important Facts About ECHINACEA

ECHINACEA: the facts about this commonly used herb

Echinacea has been widely advertised as a go-to for colds and flus, specifically immunity. But what about this herb? Let's discuss the values of Echinacea and when and why it should be utilized.

Its beautiful red flower tells us it has an affinity for the blood, thus a blood cleanser or detoxifier. As an alterative herb, Echinacea is of great importance in opening the channels of elimination which is an important part of the process of detoxification. Alterative herbs adjust the metabolic processes of the body. As an immunological alterative Echinacea enhances immune function and lymphatic action, and this is why we see so many cold and flu remedies that promote Echinacea as a cure-all for that condition.

But the truth is that Echinacea is a cooling, drying medicine, best used in signs of heat. So it is useful at the first sign of a cold or flu to stimulate the immune system and cool a fever, but not as an ongoing remedy as generally when cold or flu is present we want to warm the body, and Echinacea long term will dry out mucus membranes and cool the body.

Echinacea is great for reducing heat in the body, and stimulates cold depression body states or deep seated stagnations. It is known as a snake bite herb because of its great affinity for removing toxic, putrifying, deep seated infections. Here we are talking about really nasty stuff. That's what Echinacea is absolutely invaluable for....toxic deep seated infection that presents with decaying actions. Echinacea cools heat in the blood and is super for treating septicemia, staph infections, ulcerated conditions, uti's, get the seriousness of the illness that Echinacea combats.

Echinacea works wonders when combined with other herbs specific to a body system. As an antiseptic and anti-microbial it is a great skin wash and especially good for soothing sore throat pain, too. If you believe you have a condition that Echinacea may be useful for, write me for an herbal formula to treat conditions specific to your body system wherein detoxification and movement is needed to irradicate deep-seated infection or stagnation.

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