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Welcoming you to join in the herbal immersion - Upcoming Workshops

The herbalists path is a continual self-immersion into the study of plants, people and planets.  This is the trifecta of Vitalist Herbalism, and the foundation of our healing journey.  Join us for learning and making workshops, plant walks and wildcrafting, formulating, sourcing and more! Our mission is to reconnect people with nature, where our true healing lies. Class offerings are posted throughout the seasons, and locations vary within Sedona.  We also offer mobile workshops hosted at your location.  Call or follow us for upcoming workshops and information. These classes are guaranteed to expand your mind and skills...herbal immersion at its...

Allopathic vs Vitalist Herbalism

Allopathic vs Vitalist Herbalism

Let’s talk about Allopathic Herbalism. The term allopathic refers to mainstream treatments, so in Herbalism it refers to those herbs and remedies that are being promoted as helpful for specific conditions. An example would be ‘Cayenne for heart health’. A typical promotion might infer that Cayenne lowers blood pressure, aids digestion, and promotes heart health and circulation. While all this is true, as these ARE the actions and affinities of Cayenne, the bottom line is that Cayenne will NOT be good for everyone. And this is why Vitalist Herbalism is a better platform for herbal treatments, because we MUST consider...