Nature Is Where Our Healing Lies


Why Sun.Rae HERBALS?

Donna Norleen

Welcome to our homegrown business born out of a passion to share the power of plant medicine!  As long time plant people, we went from utilizing plants aesthetically in landscape designs to utilizing them for their powers to heal.

Our journey in plant whispering led us to this business named for our future herbalists, our granddaughters.  We are passionate about reconnecting people with nature and the many values hidden in the weeds.  Herbal medicine is alive and real and just outside our doors.  We have witnessed the herbs draw tumors from the skin, heal bleeding ulcers, quickly repair rashes and wounds, balance blood pressure, lower cholesterol, eliminate heart palpitations and pain, increase stamina and concentration, remedy insomnia, IBS and much, much more. 

Getting back to nature is more than a walk in the woods. It's an understanding of a deeper connection between us and our world, an awareness of the true benefits of bio-organic lifestyles. As bio organic creatures, humans are perfectly designed to benefit emotionally and physically from the flora and fauna found in the wild places. 

So many of todays illnesses are born from our altered food products. Genetically modified and processed food sources are literally destroying our well being. It is inherent to our wellness that we seek out whole plant and organic meat sources. 

Simply kick start your bio organic lifestyle by increasing your use of culinary herbs. Culinary herbs are wonderful healers full of nutrients and body balancing properties. Instead of dried spices, try chopping fresh herbs from the organic section of your grocery store.  Instead of a teaspoon throw in a handful. Your palate will smile, your body will flourish.  Some of our favorites are oregano, thyme, rosemary, garlic, and basil.  These herbs have the power to protect and remedy.

There are many simple solutions to healthy living and we will discuss them in this blog. Begin your journey in herbal healing and reconnect with nature. To learn more about the power of herbs follow us here and on our social networking sites. 

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