Nature Is Where Our Healing Lies

Herbal Tisanes

Sun.Rae HERBALS began with medicinal herbal tisanes - 100% herbal plant blends.  We pride ourselves on the taste and effectiveness of each of our proprietary blends. These all natural organic herbal blends are formulated to taste great and provide body balance.  Our tisanes are highly nutritive, providing essential vitamins and minerals for the bodies daily requirements. They are designed to stimulate natural wellness within the body. Absolutely NO ADDITIVES or CAFFEINE.

Herbal tisanes may be steeped in boiled water, or infused under the Sun or Moon.  We recommend steeping your tisanes for 10-30 minutes to effectively withdraw the medicinal and nutritive values of the plants, and adding honey to taste.  Honey acts as a catalyst to push the plant power into the body.

*Herbs can contradict the effects of pharmaceutical medication. Please seek medical advice prior to ingestion if pregnant, nursing, medicated or in cases of auto-immune.